Disturbed PC Store & Gaming Lounge

Welcome to the Disturbed PC Gaming Experience! We invite you to come visit us and try out your favorite games on our PCs. You can also experience the 2nd fastest gaming computer in the world: the Witch Doctor! We also feature a full racing simulator with all of your favorite racing games.

We carry the hottest games on the market including:

Call of Duty: Black Ops II
Borderlands 2
World of Warcraft
Diablo III
Star Wars: The Old Republic
The Secret World
Lord of the Rings Online
Ghost Recon
Payday 2
Duke Nukem Forever
Crysis 2
F1 2012

We also have our own Battlefield, Call of Duty and Minecraft servers. Come game with us!

The Disturbed PC Gaming Lounge has a variety of our PCs setup for you to game on.

Our rates are:

$10 Per Hour
$35 Four Hour Pass
$50 All Day Pass

All gamers enjoy free refreshments during their visit:

Pepsi Products
Rockstar Energy Drinks
Starbucks Cold Drinks
Bottled Water
Snacks & Sweets

Gaming PC Rentals Witch Doctor and Racing Simulator

Disturbed PC proudly hosts Gaming Night every Saturday from 5pm to midnight. $20 entry includes all night game access with unlimited drinks and snacks. Bring your friends and come play till morning and party with us and our laser light show! Call ahead, email or facebook message us to reserve your spot for this week's Game Night!
Front Counter Disturbed PC Racing Simulator
Playing Joe Danger 2 Racing Simulator in action
Playing World of Warcraft on the Witch Doctor